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Speak Now was developed in December 2011 as an improvisational exercise by Erin Cardillo (Executive Director & Senior Instructor) for the Master Class at Warner Loughlin Studios. Warner Loughlin Studios opened in 1996 and has since worked with and shaped the careers some of the biggest actors in Hollywood. Cardillo’s improvisational framework created a group of diverse characters rich with shared history and individual secrets then put them together at a wedding to see what would unfold.

In early 2012 Noah Harald (Director, 8.31) was invited to observe the improvisation. That visit led to a collaboration between Cardillo and Harald which ultimtely became the feature film Speak Now. Speak Now is an independent film, funded primarily through the generousity of our Kickstarter supporters. Cardillo’s ensemble of actors joined Harald’s crew to shoot Speak Now in May of 2012. The dialogue was entirely improvised. The end result is a drama that explores the beauty, chaos, and passion of young love.
home behind the scenes trailer press social media video on demand